…and Canon will now sell a grip of 5DmkIII’s!

The excitement is palpable.  Reading the forum posts at the ML Forum you would think photography had just been created.  The news has been milling around for a few weeks that the Magic Lantern dev team had basically reversed engineered Canon’s image capture>process>record pipeline such that raw data from the sensor could be extrapolated and written.  Then they excavated some ancient code from Canon’s implementation of DryOS that would write DNG files.  Once this was thoroughly tested and accomplished, the ML dev team was miraculously able to instantiate a process of windowing specific parts of the sensor, cropping the raw data output to that size, and writing that cropped raw data stream to the memory card.  This means that, while still in the alpha stage of development, shooters can capture, process, view, and edit the absolute best motion picture imaging these cameras are capable of.  The excitement is palpable..  Continue reading “…and Canon will now sell a grip of 5DmkIII’s!”