Professional Video Equipment

Equipment for Every Phase of Production

At Texas Media Systems, the emphasis is on Systems, and that means equipping you and your company with the equipment necessary to run a complete production. For professional video, we start by representing the best brands – Texas Media Systems is an authorized reseller of Canon (including the full Canon Cinema EOS line), Panasoinc (Panasonic Professional and the LUMIX line), Sony, Blackmagic Design, JVC, NewTek, AJA, Atomos, Sennheiser, Manfrotto, and more! Whether you need to purchase equipment, rent equipment, or have it installed; we’ve got you covered.

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Video Cameras

Our camera selection is broad to suit varied production situations and a myriad of video professionals: videographers, filmmakers, DPs, run-and-gun documentarians, and studio directors just to name a few. Our options also run the gamut on budgets, but they are all capable of producing exceptional video content!



Studio Packages

Texas Media Systems offers studio packages that let you dive right in to production, but we also sell and install all related components: studio lights, monitors, recorders, switchers, and editing bays. We can help you start fresh or simply point out where best to spend your available budget on the best upgrade to your existing workflow – solutions that integrate with what you have. After all, custom systems are what we do best!



Lenses, Tripods, Cases & Accessories

Video capture and video editing are the touchstones of production, but a production is built on much more. You need lenses (we carry Canon, Zeiss, Rokinon, Fujinon, Cooke, and more). You need camera support – tripods, jibs, sliders, rigs, and stabilizers. You need power, stands, grip tape…

And we are your one-stop shop for all of that.


Filling Specific Video Needs

Systems. It’s what we do. So if you have a specific need, our Media Consultants can help. We’ve outfitted television studios and football stadiums. We’ve designed video conferencing rooms and mobile live production vans. No matter what type of business you have, if you have a need for professional video equipment, we have the know-how to help you find the right solution.

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