New Canon C300 & C500 Firmware & Cinema RAW Development 1.3

Canon just announced that they will be “releasing free firmware upgrades for both the Cinema EOS C500 4K and C300 Digital Cinema Cameras, as well as Cinema RAW Development 1.3, an updated version of Canon’s Cinema RAW Development software, in November 2014.”

Canon EOS C500 Cinema Camcorder
Canon EOS C300 Cinema Camcorder
EOS C500 / C500 PL Digital Camera
(Released Oct. 2012)
EOS C300 / C300 PL Digital Camera
(Released Jan. 2012)

Canon’s Cinema EOS System lineup of digital cinematography cameras and lenses has earned the praises of a wide range of progressive professionals working in the cinema and television production industries. The new firmware upgrades, which will deliver enhanced performance to effectively respond to the needs of various users, are being offered for the EOS C500 and EOS C300 camera models while the updated Cinema RAW Development software for 4K Cinema RAW footage is intended for the Cinema EOS C500.

Support for ITU-R BT.2020 next-generation broadcast standard color space (for EOS C500 and EOS C500 PL camera models)

Offering compliance with the ITU-R BT.2020 (Rec. 2020) color space employed in the 4K TV broadcasting tests carried out earlier this year in Japan, the firmware upgrade for the EOS C500 and EOS C500 PL camera models facilitates the capture of high-resolution video supporting the color space employed in the ITU-R BT.2020 next-generation broadcast standard. When used in combination2 with Canon’s DP-V3010 professional 4K reference display (released in January 2014), the system effectively responds to input and output needs within the realms of next-generation motion-picture production and broadcasting.

Enhanced Cinema RAW Development functionality (for EOS C500 and EOS C500 PL camera models)

The upgraded Cinema RAW Development software features the addition of 3D-LUT for converting from Cinema Gamut/DCI-P3+ to such highly versatile color space standards as ITU-R BT.709 (Rec. 709) and DCI-P3, enabling efficient video editing while maintaining low-chroma color reproduction and high-chroma color gradation. Additionally, support for EDLs (edit decision lists)3 enables only necessary time code-designated segments to be converted to the DPX and ProRes formats suitable for editing, effectively doing away with the need to process unnecessary files. Also, when using a PC equipped with Intel® Iris™ Pro graphics, Cinema RAW Development 1.3 makes it possible for faster development of 4K Cinema RAW data.4

Improved operability when setting color temperature of white balance (for EOS C500 and EOS C300 camera models)

The new firmware upgrades contribute to improved operability by allowing users to easily set color temperature values using the camera’s FUNC button.

Canon plans to exhibit products supporting the ITU-R BT.2020 color space at the company’s booth during the IBC2014 broadcast technology tradeshow, to be held in the Netherlands, September 12-16, 2014.


Canon C100 $500 Instant Rebates!

Canon C100 $500 Instant Rebates Announced Today!

$500 Instant Rebate & $300 Instant Rebate for Battery & SDXC Card Can Be Combined!

Canon is offering an Instant Rebate of $300 on the purchase of an EOS C100 cinema camera, a BP-975 battery pack, and 64GB SDXC memory card when bought together. Battery & SDXC $300 Rebate Expires September 30, 2014.

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