RED Product Updates


RED Product Updates
August 2019


Price Increases:

RED LCD/EVF Adapter A 720-0035 Increased from $195 to $250

RED LCD/EVF Adapter B 720-0038 Increased from $195 to $250

RED S35 Al Canon EF Mount 725-0026 Increased from $700 to $900

RED VV Al Canon EF Mount 725-0030 Increased from $750 to $950

RED Gold Mount Battery Module 720-0053 Increased from $750 to $950

RED S35 Al Nikon Mount 725-0040 Increased from $800 to $950

RED Quick Release Platform Pack 790-0183 Now includes 790-0904 Mounting Plate.  Increased to $1350

RED S35 Standard OLPF 790-0513 Increased from $295 to $350


RED Top Handle 720-0035 2x Available $550.00

RED Outrigger Handle 720-0044 2x Available $550.00

RED Bolt Kit 790-0445 1x Available $50

RED V-Lock Battery Module 720-0052

RED S35 Ti PL Mount 725-0022

RED S35 Ti Canon EF Mount 725-0032 $2000.00

RED Motion Mount S35 Ti Canon EF 725-0038

RED Motion Mount S35 Ti PL 725-0039

RED BRICK Power Package RED Brick Battery and Charger available for individual purchase.

RED REDVOLT-V 43Wh Battery 740-0043

RED AC Power Adapter 150W 740-0047

RED Arm 5″ 790-0052

RED Arm 9″ 790-0073

RED DOVETAIL Mounting Plate 790-0083 Long

RED DOVETAIL Mounting Plate 790-0084 Short

RED Universal Mount 19mm 790-0085

RED 15mm Adapter Centered 790-0086

RED Mounting Plate 790-0094

RED Travel Charger 790-0134

RED 3BNC-to-00 LEMO Sync Cable 790-0154

RED 4-Pin XLR-to-DSMC Power Cable 30″ 790-0165

RED 4-Pin 00-TO-FLYING LEAD 780-0187

RED PL Mount Body Cap 790-0201

RED Modular Assault Plate Pack 790-0024

RED Front Body Cap 790-0256

Red SIDEWINDER Custom 790-0440-C.  Non-Custom SIDEWINDER 790-0440 still available for purchase.

RED EVF Mounting Plate 790-0520

RED AC Power Adapter Pack 790-0638

RED LCD/EVF Cable Right-to-Straight 4′ 790-0644

RED LCD/EVF Cable Right-to-Right 12″ 790-0645

RED LCD/EVF Cable Right-to-Right 18″ 790-0649

RED LCD/EVF Cable Right-to-Right 24″ 790-0651

Focusing With The New Blackmagic Design Pocket 6K Camera

Focusing With The New Blackmagic Design Pocket 6K Camera

Just finished-up becoming a bit more familiar with the latest ‘Pocket’ offering from Black Magic Design… It’s incredible that even before the new has worn off the awesome Pocket 4K, here comes the brand spanking new and more powerful BMD Pocket 6K! Complete with a 6K Super-35 sized sensor and a native EF mount. First off, I wanted to try out the one-touch autofocus feature to see how intuitive it is to ‘point, touch & focus’, so I slapped on a Canon 16-35mm L 2.8 and started pointing’ and pressing.

It actually works quite well and the lens snapped right into focus when I pressed and released the focus button (The face of GI Joe was my subject… See photo)… Just point, press, and presto, your focus is ‘Auto-pulled’… that, coupled with the focus assist made for some nice sharp hand-held shots… so far everything is looking good (At least with Canon L lenses)… And the price?: $2495.00… Wow! Want to learn more details about the BMD Pocket 6K and available accessories? … Call us at Texas Media Systems. Our number is: 512-440-1400… and here’s a link to the Pocket 6K page on our website:–CINECAMPOCHDEF6K_p_7445.html 

… Seriously, this camera rocks!

Ross Grasse
Media Consultant
Texas Media Systems