Panasonic Replaces EVA1 Grip With Stronger One

EVA1 Grip Improvement

Panasonic announced today in a press release1 that they are replacing the Grip Units of AU-EVA1s that shipped in the first wave of cameras with a new, redesigned grip.

The removable grip of the EVA1 has had its rotation mechanism redesigned to increase the torque-stress limit after customers addressed concerns with slippage. By adding accessories to the EVA1, extra stress was causing the rotation latch on the grip to spin on its own. The new grip is capable of holding 9 lbs of camera/lens/accessories. Panasonic warns, however, that the grip was designed for normal operating conditions. Positioning accessories further from the center axis of the camera, as well as fast movements, increase torque forces on the grip unit. When adding a large number of camera accessories it is advised to support the camera on the shoulder or with an additional grip. Continue reading “Panasonic Replaces EVA1 Grip With Stronger One”