Canon C70 Approved for NETFLIX

The Streaming giant has added another budget friendly camera to its approved camera list. 

 While using a Netflix approved camera on your next project won’t guarantee that it will be picked up for distribution on the site, it is still a large boon when shopping your project around for distribution. 

The C70 is Canon’s newest cinema EOS offering and manages to pack a bevy of fantastic features into a small and relatively affordable package.

The camera uses a super 35 Dual Gain output sensor to capture 4K 120p/ 2k 180p HDR footage in a variety of formats including Canon Log 2, 3, PQ & HLG Recording.

The camera has an RF mount but through the use of Canon’s current line of photo EF-RF adaptors can be used with all the EF glass you already own. It uses the same BP series batteries common to Canon’s other cinema cameras, but unlike some of the higher end Cinema EOS options, the C70 records to high performance SD cards. 

Whether you’re a fresh filmmaker looking to embiggen your career by pitching projects to Netflix or you’re a seasoned producer who needs a solid B camera, The Canon C70 is an exceptionally cromulent option. 

Netflix released this graphic showing the best settings on the C70 to use for their production pipeline.  

Check here to see Netfix’s list of other approved cameras.