Panasonic EVA1 Promotion: Two Free 64GB SD Memory Cards $499.98

Panasonic EVA1 Promo

Buy a new Panasonic EVA1 and get Two Free 64GB V90 SD Memory Cards for Free.

Promo can be combined with with 0% 24 Month Lease Financing Offer.

Promo can be used on the following EVA1 body or kits:

Panasonic EVA1 Body, AU-EVA1PJ $7345

Panasonic EVA1 Basic Bundle, AU-EVA1BASIC, $9795

Panasonic EVA1 Pro Bundle, AU-EVA1PRO, $12795

Panasonic RP-SDZA64GAK V90 class 64GB SDXC memory card $249.99 

Lease Financing at Texas Media Systems

Promotion Rules – Effective for AU-EVA1 cameras purchased between April 1, 2018 – June 30, 2018

AU-EVA1 must be purchased from authorized Panasonic US Resellers and shipped to a US address

End-Users must fill out online application at

End-Users will need to provide camera serial number and a photo or scan of the original camera purchase invoice

Online form must be submitted by July 31, 2018

Delivery only to US addresses

Panasonic reserves the right to substitute equivalent or higher performance Panasonic SDXC or MicroP2 V90-class memory cards

AU-EVA1 is the only camera eligible for this offer

This offer is not valid on used, demo, b-stock or other specially priced equipment.

Panasonic EVA1 Approved for Netflix!

The Panasonic EVA1 has just been approved as an accepted camera for Netflix content. The requirements for original content are strict and have only included higher end cameras that cost 10’s of thousands of dollars. Cameras must shoot in 4K, at a bit rate of at least 240Mbps, be in raw or Log formats and files must contain all metadata and no color correction baked in. While Arri and Red have high cost cameras that meet these specs easily, The Panasonic Eva1 joins the Blackmagic Ursa Mini cameras as the only ones that come in under $10,000. This opens up the opportunity for more independent film makers to get their content in larger distribution channels.

Click here a full list of Netflix approved cameras.

You can Contact Joe Kelly at JOE@TMSAV.COM or (512) 440-1400 ext 202 to get yours today.

Panasonic EVA1 Body, AU-EVA1PJ $7345

Panasonic EVA1 Basic Bundle, AU-EVA1BASIC, $9795

Panasonic EVA1 Pro Bundle, AU-EVA1PRO, $12795


Panasonic EVA1 Video Series with Mitch Gross

Panasonic has produced a new series of educational videos for the new EVA1 5.7K Cinema Camera featuring Mitch Gross, Cinema Product Manager at Panasonic Media and Entertainment Company.

The series of nine videos are available on YouTube at the links below.

Panasonic EVA1 5.7K Sensor: Learn What It Means for the Image:

Panasonic EVA1 Modularity: Learn How The Camera’s Modular Design is Useful for Shooting

Panasonic EVA1 Focus Aides: Learn How the Camera’s Numerous Focus Aides Interact to Support the User’s Preference

Panasonic EVA1 Video Routing: Learn How to Adjust the Camera’s Multiple Video Outputs

Panasonic EVA1 Wi-Fi Remote:

Learn How to Remotely Control the Camera’s Menu Functions using an IOS or Android Device

Panasonic EVA1 Image Stabilization:

Learn About The Multiple Forms of Image Stabilization Supported

Panasonic EVA1 Dual Native ISO: Explains the Cameras 800/2500 Dual Native ISO Functionality

Panasonic EVA1 Media: Learn About Recording to Inexpensive SDXC Cards

Panasonic EVA1 Menus: Offering Multiple Paths to Control & Interface with the Camera

Panasonic EVA1 Camera Body

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Panasonic Replaces EVA1 Grip With Stronger One

EVA1 Grip Improvement

Panasonic announced today in a press release1 that they are replacing the Grip Units of AU-EVA1s that shipped in the first wave of cameras with a new, redesigned grip.

The removable grip of the EVA1 has had its rotation mechanism redesigned to increase the torque-stress limit after customers addressed concerns with slippage. By adding accessories to the EVA1, extra stress was causing the rotation latch on the grip to spin on its own. The new grip is capable of holding 9 lbs of camera/lens/accessories. Panasonic warns, however, that the grip was designed for normal operating conditions. Positioning accessories further from the center axis of the camera, as well as fast movements, increase torque forces on the grip unit. When adding a large number of camera accessories it is advised to support the camera on the shoulder or with an additional grip. Continue reading “Panasonic Replaces EVA1 Grip With Stronger One”