Panasonic Replaces EVA1 Grip With Stronger One

EVA1 Grip Improvement

Panasonic announced today in a press release1 that they are replacing the Grip Units of AU-EVA1s that shipped in the first wave of cameras with a new, redesigned grip.

The removable grip of the EVA1 has had its rotation mechanism redesigned to increase the torque-stress limit after customers addressed concerns with slippage. By adding accessories to the EVA1, extra stress was causing the rotation latch on the grip to spin on its own. The new grip is capable of holding 9 lbs of camera/lens/accessories. Panasonic warns, however, that the grip was designed for normal operating conditions. Positioning accessories further from the center axis of the camera, as well as fast movements, increase torque forces on the grip unit. When adding a large number of camera accessories it is advised to support the camera on the shoulder or with an additional grip.

Do you need a replacement EVA1 Grip?

If you have already received an EVA1, you’ll need to check the affected serial numbers below to see if your grip needs replacement. The replacement of the grip is scheduled to start from the 2nd week of December.

New EVA1s shipping with Improved Grip

If you haven’t purchased an EVA1 yet, you needn’t worry as the improved grip ships standard with new units. The AU-EVA1 currently retails at $7,345 and qualifies for promotional 12 month 0% financing from Panasonic.



Serial Numbers of AU-EVA1PJ (USA) Units That Qualify for Grip Replacement
J7TAA0012 J7TAA0099
J7TAA0002 J7TAA0005 J7TAA0007 J7TAA0008 J7TAA0009
J7TAA0013 J7TAA0015 J7TAA0017 J7TAA0018 J7TAA0019
J7TAA0020 J7TAA0022 J7TAA0025 J7TAA0027 J7TAA0032
J7TAA0033 J7TAA0034 J7TAA0036 J7TAA0037 J7TAA0038
J7TAA0039 J7TAA0041 J7TAA0042 J7TAA0043 J7TAA0044
J7TAA0045 J7TAA0046 J7TAA0049 J7TAA0051 J7TAA0052
J7TAA0053 J7TAA0055 J7TAA0059 J7TAA0061 J7TAA0062
J7TAA0065 J7TAA0066 J7TAA0070 J7TAA0071 J7TAA0072
J7TAA0075 J7TAA0076 J7TAA0077 J7TAA0079 J7TAA0080
J7TAA0081 J7TAA0082 J7TAA0085 J7TAA0087 J7TAA0090
J7TAA0093 J7TAA0096 J7TAA0097 J7TAA0101 J7TAA0103
J7TAA0104 J7TAA0111 J7TAA0112 J7TAA0114 J7TAA0117
J7TAA0119 J7TAA0121 J7TAA0122 J7TAA0123 J7TAA0124
J7TAA0125 J7TAA0128 J7TAA0130 J7TAA0135 J7TAA0137
J7TAA0139 J7TAA0142 J7TAA0144 J7TAA0147 J7TAA0148
J7TAA0149 J7TAA0152 J7TAA0155 J7TAA0156 J7TAA0157
J7TAA0160 J7TAA0163 J7TAA0164 J7TAA0165 J7TAA0167
J7TAA0168 J7TAA0169 J7TAA0173 J7TAA0174 J7TAA0175
J7TAA0176 J7TAA0177 J7TAA0179 J7TAA0181 J7TAA0182
J7TAA0004 J7TAA0060 J7TAA0064 J7TAA0091
J7TAA0011 J7TAA0014 J7TAA0024 J7TAA0028 J7TAA0048
J7TAA0063 J7TAA0067 J7TAA0069 J7TAA0073 J7TAA0078
J7TAA0086 J7TAA0088 J7TAA0089 J7TAA0098 J7TAA0108
J7TAA0109 J7TAA0110 J7TAA0113 J7TAA0115 J7TAA0120
J7TAA0126 J7TAA0127 J7TAA0129 J7TAA0131 J7TAA0132
J7TAA0133 J7TAA0134 J7TAA0136 J7TAA0140 J7TAA0141
J7TAA0143 J7TAA0146 J7TAA0151 J7TAA0158 J7TAA0170
J7TAA0171 J7TAA0172 J7TAA0178 J7TAA0180
J7TAA0010 J7TAA0029
J7TAA0021 J7TAA0083
J7TAA0026 J7TAA0047 J7TAA0100 J7TAA0105 J7TAA0118
J7TAA0153 J7TAA0166
J7TAA0054 J7TAA0154
J7TAA0035 J7TAA0092
J7TAA0050 J7TAA0074
J7TAA0030 J7TAA0084
J7TAA0023 J7TAA0031
J7TAA0016 J7TAA0094 J7TAA0095 J7TAA0102 J7TAA0106
J7TAA0107 J7TAA0150
J7TAA0184 J7TAA0185 J7TAA0186 J7TAA0187 J7TAA0188
J7TAA0189 J7TAA0190 J7TAA0191 J7TAA0192 J7TAA0193
J7TAA0194 J7TAA0195 J7TAA0196 J7TAA0197 J7TAA0198

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