Canon C500 Mark II Firmware Update

Canon unveiled their latest update for the Canon EOS C500 Mark II yesterday. This update brings some unexpected features to the camera.

Cinema RAW Light

Canon has added a host of Cinema RAW Light recording formats. All of these formats have 12-bit color, and keep 12-bit color no matter the frame rate they’re recording at. The table below shows the different formats now available for use.

ResolutionFrame Rate59.94p29.97p23.98p24.00p
5952 x 3140RAW HQ—–2.12 Gbps1.7 Gbps1.77 Gbps
RAW ST2.09 Gbps1.05 Gbps835 Mbps836 Mbps
RAW LT1.36 Gbps679 Mbps543 Mbps544 Mbps
4192 x 3140 (4:3)RAW HQ—–1.5 Gbps1.2 Gbps1.2 Gbps
RAW ST1.48 Gbps737 Mbps590 Mbps590 Mbps
RAW LT958 Mbps479 Mbps383 Mbps384 Mbps
3768 x 3140 (6:5)RAW HQ—–1.35 Gbps1.08 Gbps1.08 Mbps
RAW ST1.33 Gbps663 Mbps530 Mbps531 Mbps
RAW LT861 Mbps431 Mbps345 Mbps345 Mbps
4096 x 2160RAW HQ2.02 Gbps1.01 Gbps807 Mbps807 Mbps
RAW ST993 Mbps497 Mbps397 Mbps398 Mbps
RAW LT645 Mbps323 Mbps258 Mbps259 Mbps
2048 x 1080RAW HQ511 Mbps256 Mbps205 Mbps205 Mbps
RAW ST252 Mbps126 Mbps101 Mbps101 Mbps
RAW LT164 Mbps82 Mbps66 Mbps66 Mbps

You can find the Canon C500 Mark II Firmware Update on March 21st of these year here:

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