CANON C70 Firmware Update

Canon recently announced a brand new firmware update for the Canon C70 camera. The update, which features a host of exciting upgrades, is releasing on Thursday December 8th, 2022.

Here’s what you can expect:

First off Eye Detection Auto Focus has been enabled for use during Slow and Fast Recording. This gives you access to the C70s incredibly accurate eye, face, and subject tracking while recording at high frame rates. They’ve also made the camera maintain key camera settings when switching between Slow and Fast Recording modes.

They’ve added a new recording mode: XF-AVC 4k Intraframe 60p. This gives you access to a lower bit rate high frame rate recording option. This codec records at 600Mbps.

XC Protocol has been enabled for C70 cameras. This allows you to control your C70s over a network connection, and gives you full remote control with the use of a Canon RC-IP100.

They’ve made a huge improvement for your post workflow by creating CMT 709 “Viewing Assistance.” This is a Rec 709 complaint preset for your Canon Log 2 or Canon Log 3 recordings. You can also use CMT 709 as a viewing LUT, if your colorist prefers the base log image.

Finally, they’ve unlocked full communication with Canon EF Flex-Zoom 45-135mm and Canon Cine-Servo 15-120mm lenses. The communication features include T-stop display, chromatic aberration correction, Dual Pixel CMOS AF, and Dual Pixel Focus Guide.

You can find the firmware update when it becomes available here: