The Canon R5C Firmware update makes it Netflix Approved. The update comes with a host of image improvements, as well as operating improvements making the camera a great budget option for a Netflix approved camera.


Canon has added a host of features to the Canon R5C. The biggest feature that I noticed is the battery saver mode for shooting 4K video. Canon is claiming that they’ve improved the battery usage by 30% while shooting in 4K mode. This is a huge deal for a camera that has been having battery capacity issues since release. People have been getting up to about 60 minutes on their Canon LP-E6N batteries, and with this improvement you can expect to get around 80 minutes per battery. If you pair this with a Canon BG-R10, which allows you to use two Canon LP-E6N batteries at the same time, you can expect around 2 hours and 30 minutes of 4K shooting.

The Canon R5C is also receiving updates to the usability of it’s 180 shooting mode when paired with the Canon RF 5.2mm L Dual Fisheye lens. In addition to this, Canon is claiming overall image improvements, and getting Netflix’s stamp of approval shows this.

You can download the Canon R5C Firmware Version here.


Canon has also released a firmware update for their top of the line photography cameras. This update has added the feature for the Canon R5 to use the internal IBIS to shoot higher resolution photos. By moving the sensor around the camera has the ability to shoot around a 400 megapixel photo file for when incredibility sharp images are needed. Additionally, this update adds a few file transfer features, such as cropping images while transferring, and automatic file protection during transfer.

You can download the CANON R5 Firmware Version 1.8.1 here.

The Canon R3 is receiving a new panning assist function, and 10 way facial tracking. The 10 person facial tracking allows the user to select up to 10 people for the Canon R3‘s auto focus to focus on over anyone else in the scene allowing more accurate tracking, and removing external variables. The new panning assist is designed to clean up motion blur moving objects, when the camera is moving with them at lower shutter speeds.

You can download the CANON R3 Firmware Version 1.4.0 here.