Canon Reduces Price on C300 Mark III and C500 Mark II

Canon has reduced the price on their most popular high end cinema cameras.

The Canon C300 Mark III has had it’s price reduced from $10,999 to $8,999.

Likewise, the Canon C500 Mark II has received a huge price reduction from $15,999 to $10,999.

0% and 1.99% Lease Financing Promotions for both cameras are available through 3-31-23:

Canon C300 Mark III 0% 24 Months or 1.99% 36 Months, $1 Buyout

Canon C500 Mark III 0% 48 Months, 0% 24 Months, or 1.99% 36 Months, $1 Buyout

Apply Online:

Additionally, Canon is offering a free battery, Canon LP-E6NH, with the purchase of a Canon R5C.