Canon C300 Mark II Touch Focus Kit!

Canon has announced the new Canon EOS C300 Mark II Touch Auto Focus Kit!.

The Canon C300 Mark II Touch Focus Kit is priced at only $9,999!  That’s the same price as the traditional C300 Mark II.

C300 Mark II Touch Auto Focus Kit

The new Canon C300 Mark II Touch Focus Kit enables touchscreen auto focus using the 4″ Touchscreen LCD Monitor (LM-V1) that has been shipping with the C200. Also included is the MA-400 XLR accessory, which is a separate XLR unit. Canon spent a lot of time rethinking how the C300 Mark II could be rigged using the LM-V1 Touch Screen LCD and the MA-400 XLR accessory. Using these two accessories instead of the traditional “clamshell” Monitor/XLR unit allows for a more flexible and arguable more streamlined set-up. Additionally, if a user doesn’t need XLR, they can now rig the C300 Mark II with the LCD only for an incredibly small set-up. This also allows easier rigging with Gimbal Stabilizers. And the Top Handle is still included! The LCD and XLR accessory can be configured in many ways with or without the top handle.

New items included in the Canon C300 Mark II Touch Focus Kit 0635C032 includes:

C300 Mark II Touch Auto Focus Kit

In the box:  EOS C300 MK II Body (EF Mount), Grip, Camera Cover, Handle Unit, Handle Bracket, Battery Pack BP-A30, Battery Charger CG-A10, Compact Power Adapter CA-A10, Eye Cup, Hexagon Socket, Allen key, Viewfinder Cap, Thumb rest, Tripod base TB-1, WFT Attachment, Measuring Hook, AC Cable x2, DC Cable(for CA-940), Shoulder Strap SS-1200, LM-V1, MA-400, Mount To Shoe Adapter, 492LCD Micro Ball Head, Instruction Manual

Order the Canon C300 Mark II Touch Focus kit here.

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Canon C300 $2000 Instant Rebates & New C300 + 24-70mm F2.8 Kit

Canon has made several significant changes to the Canon C300 line effective today.

Canon C300 EF Mount Camera $13999 – $2000 Instant Rebate = $11999

Canon C300 PL Mount Camera $13999 – $2000 Instant Rebate = $11999

Canon C300 EF Auto Focus Camera $14499 – $2000 Instant Rebate = $12499

Canon C300 EF Auto Focus Camera Kit with 24-70mm F2.8 Lens $15999 – $2000 = $13999

Lease Promos:

1.99% 36 Month Lease Promo, $345 Per Month with $0 Down

2.99% 24 Month Lease Promo, $516 Per Month with $0 Down

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Canon C300 is UK’s most rented camera of the year

Televisual just announced the results of  their 2013 survey of UK based rental houses.

The Canon C300 came in at #1 with the Arri Alexa coming at at #2.

At Texas Media Systems, we are not surprised at the survey results. Rental houses are often early buyers of the latest and greatest cameras. The C300 continues to be a strong seller to the rental house market, proving growing demand by rental customers.

Check out the full article in the March issue of Televisual.

Canon C300 $13999 In Stock at Texas Media Systems

0% $1 Buyout $0 Down Lease available for 24 Month term available through Canon Financial Services.  

Canon Financial Services application Canon Financial Services

Lease Term Pre-Payments Monthly Payments
24 Months (0%) $0 $584

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